Our Smart Buyer Program

Our Smart Buyer Program is designed to provide buyers with everything they'll need to make a well-informed decision when to comes to buying a property.  This includes the following:

  • Being sufficiently educated about the Park City real estate market to understand what is occurring in the marketplace. This includes making sure you have an accurate view of the current market conditions and realistic expectations concerning the availability and price of the type of property you're looking to purchase.
  • Being registered on one of our exclusive Buyer Search Websites so that you can easily search for properties that are on the market, and automatically be notified as soon as new properties come on the market that matches your search criteria.
  • Having a full-time buyer consultant specialist from our team, who will be fully devoted to you, and make it his foremost priority to find you the right property. Their job will be to find you the very best fit for what you're looking for.
  • Negotiate the best possible price and terms for you when presented with an offer on a property you want to buy.
  • Process the numerous details involved in your real estate transaction, taking it from being under contract to a closed sale.

Fill out the form below to find the right property for you. By registering, the website will keep track of the properties you view, and send you new listings automatically as soon as new properties come on the market. It's free, and there is absolutely no obligation. This is truly the best way to search for and buy the property you want. Begin your search today.

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