Smart Buyer Alert Webinars

The Park City real estate market is always changing and the very best properties are not on the market for long. They are purchased quickly by those paying close attention to our marketplace. Our Smart Buyer Alert webinars are designed to notify our buyer clients of changes or exceptional opportunities in the marketplace as soon as they become available. We provide valuable information to today's investors, and always make sure our buyer clients have the jump on others when it comes to getting the very best deals.

Our Smart Buyer webinars alert our clients of opportunities available to them as our market changes or hot deals present themselves. Take a couple of minutes to watch one.


  • Negotiate to Buy the Property You WantJeremy Wilstein and Dean DeLeone will prepare you for your negotiations with their Special Buyer Alert Webinar"How to Negotiate to Get the Property You Want." 

  • Park City's Buying Season is NOW! Ed and Jeremy tell you about how the buying season for our area, normally later in the spring, is already heating up, and what you need to do about it.

  • How to Beat Out Other Buyers. Watch The Wilstein Team's 7-minute Webinar as Jeremy and Ed teach you how to beat out other buyers to get YOUR Park City Real Estate offer accepted.

  • Top 5 Hottest Selling Neighborhoods. Jeremy and Ed present the Top 5 Hottest Selling Single Family Neighborhoods for the current Park City Real Estate market in this webinar.


  • Be "In The Know!"  In this webinar, Jeremy and Ed tell you about how indications in the Park City and Deer Valley area real estate market are pointing buyers to buy now.


  • Don't Miss The Train!  In this webinar we discuss the clear signs of our market shift and why buyers and investors are coming into the Park City market and purchasing properties as the supply shrinks and prices position to climb.

  • 10 Myths about Park City Real Estate.  In this webinar we discuss common misinformation and misconceptions about the Park City real estate market, and set the record straight. Learning the truth often creates opportunities and we want you to know the truth and not miss out.