Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions posed by sellers as they consider listing their properties for sale. This section will be expanded to included buyer related questions and answers in the future.

What are the most important things sellers want from their real estate agents?

Most sellers identify three things that are important to them. They want the highest possible price for their property. They want it to sell relatively quickly. And they want the whole process to go smoothly with very few hassles. Which item is most important depends upon each seller’s unique situation and his or her reasons for selling. While most people assume that getting the highest price for their property would be everyone’s first choice, those in the middle of a job transfer or wishing to move closer to their family members often prefer a quicker sale over fighting for the top dollar from the sale. 

What is the most common complaint that sellers have about their real estate agents?

The number one complaint I hear has to do with poor communication. Many sellers report that their agents were in constant contact with them during their initial efforts to obtain their listings, but after getting the listings they dropped off the planet in terms of communication. Property owners are often left wondering what their agents are doing to sell their properties, and what feedback buyers have about their properties. Frequent communication and updates are essential when marketing a property.

What is the most effective thing an agent can do to sell a property in today's market?

An agent can employ a multi-faceted marketing system that will expose a property to more buyers than conventional advertising does. This requires assembling and implementing a combination of proven marketing strategies to ensure that a property is exposed to the largest number of buyers in the marketplace. This often results in sellers receiving more money for their properties. 

What advice would you offer to someone thinking of putting his or her property on the market during the next three to six months?

The most important thing you can do is get your property ready to show its very best. This means completing any repairs that are necessary, as well as making affordable upgrades to give your property a competitive edge over the others on the market. Remove any unnecessary items or clutter so that when buyers walk through your home they can appreciate it easily without being distracted by your personal items.  A property in tip-top condition will send a strong, positive message to a buyer that your property has been well maintained. 

What impact are short sales and foreclosures having on today's prices?

Short sales and bank-owned “distressed” properties usually sell at discounts, below non-distressed property prices. They were very attractive to bargain hunters and investors in the past but there are very few distressed properties to be found in today's market. In 2011, distressed properties made up 25% of all sales in ParkCity. In 2014, distressed properties make up less than 2% of our total inventory of properties for sale. 

The Internet is your number one marketing tool. What's your next most important and effective marketing tool that you use and why?

Our mobile marketing to cell phones has proven to be a very powerful tool to attract buyers and sell properties. The reason why it works so well is buyers want information about properties without having to speak with sales people. Mobile marketing does just that. It provides information on properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to speak with real estate agents. Our mobile marketing system allows inquirers to search the entire multiple listing service and view properties for sale right on their cell phones. They can even schedule property tours with just a couple of key strokes on your phone. It is a user-friendly way to get information about properties without having to go online or talk to a sales person. We follow-up on all mobile inquirers and they frequently lead to property showings and sales.