Free Buyer Resources

Here are some free Buyer Resources that will assist you in your search for a Park City property. You don't need to be seriously contemplating buying a property to take advantage of these resources. We are here to be your source of current information about the Park City real estate market and these are some of the ways we provide this information to you. Please choose the items that will be most helpful for you.

  • Free Property Search Registration.  Our website will keep track of all your property searches. It will also automatically send you notifications as soon as a new property comes on the market that matches your search criteria. Register today and let it doe the work for you.  
  • Free "Best Buy" List of Properties. We will send you the "best deals" on the market that match your criteria. You don't have to wade through over-priced listings or inferior properties; we'll send you only the best ones.
  • Free List of Foreclosure Properties.  If bank-owned properties are what you're looking for, we'll send you a private list of foreclosure and short sales properties. The inventory of distressed properties in Park City is shrinking fast, but there are still some left. These listings represent exception buying opportunities. 
  • Free ParkCityLINK Newsletter.  We will mail you a copy of our current ParkCityLINK newsletter, and add you to our subscription list so that you'll automatically receive new issues as they come out. This newsletter is packed full of useful information about the Park City real estate market and other popular topics.