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March 2015 Buyer Alert Webinar


  • Know about available properties before they officially come on the market.
  • Receive notification from us as soon as a property matching your criteria comes on the market.
  • Get professional advice when the right property becomes available, so you don't make a mistake.
  • Have various strategies available from us to use in negotiations, based upon your circumstances.
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  • Sundance Film Festival Park City will be hosting the Sundance Film Festival January 22 through February 1, 2015. Plenty of films, parties, celebrities and activities. We will give you the details.
  • Park City Market Update We will examine what sold in Park City in 2014 in terms of number of sales and sold prices for homes, condominiums and vacant land. We'll share which areas and types of properties appreciated the most last year and what is expected in 2015.
  • The Largest Resort Improvement Project in the History of American Skiing Vail Resort will be investing $50 million into PCMR and Canyons Resort during the next 12 months. This is a largest improvement plan ever in the ski industry. We'll share the details of their plans.
  • The Best
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   The strong Park City Real Estate Market is in a very competitive stage for buyers, due, in part, to the "Vail Factor" and the opening of the 2014/15 ski and snowboard season. It is imperative for buyers to be well informed, especially in negotiation skills, when submitting an offer on the property they hope to buy.     

     Jeremy Wilstein and Dean DeLeone will prepare you for your negotiations with their Special Buyer Alert Webinar,"How to Negotiate to Get the Property You Want." They have broken down properties into "A" and "B" categories. An "A" property is a very hot property while a "B" property is not as desirable. Then, they explain the negotiation strategies for submitting an offer on both "A" and "B" properties.

     Buyers can stack

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Breaking News!

Vail announces their unprecedented $50 million investment in Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort in one season.

  • Most impactful capital program in US ski industry history -- $50 million investment in one season
  • 8-passenger high speed "Interconnect Gondola" from base of existing Silverlode Lift at PCMR to the Flatiron Lift at Canyons, with ability to unload at the top of Pine Cone Ridge
  • Upgrade of King Con & Motherlode Lifts
  • New Snow Hut Restaurant and Upgrades to Summit House at PCMR
  • Expansion of Red Pine Lodge at Canyons
  • Snowmaking & other improvements


Click Here to Get the Official Press Release

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At The Wilstein Team's office at Keller Williams Park City Realty, we have been keeping a close eye on the news about Park City Mountain Resort's legal issues with Talisker. This article on is the newest in a long line of updates:

We are anxiously awaiting the judge's decision and may know more as early as tomorrow, but no later than Friday.

Send us your comments or opinions about this hot topic!

Contact me at 1-800-585-0151 or with all of your Park City and Deer Valley real estate needs.

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The Park City Luxury Home Tour is just 5 days away.
It is not too late to show your support for this very important fundraiser that was the brainchild of the Park City Board of Realtors 23 years ago!

100s of volunteers come together to raise funds for local non-profit organizations.

Follow this link to get more information about buying tickets or simply donating to the cause.

Contact me at 1-800-585-0151 or with all of your Park City and Deer Valley real estate needs.


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Take a look at our May 2014 Park City Market Talk webinar! 
May 2014 Park City Market Talk

  • Park City Market Update. Learn about sales data and prices for homes, condominium and vacant land in the Park City real estate market.
  • Summer Activities in Park City's Resorts. We will share with you when our resorts will be opening for mountain biking and other summer activities.
  • Home Improvements to get your Property in Shape. We will advise you on some good summertime improvements and enhancements for your home so that you can enjoy it more and also increase the value of your property.
  • What's Hot/What's Not. We will discuss what's been selling recently and what hasn't been selling, and why.
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Absorption rate tells you how fast a property will likely take to sell based upon the rate of recent sales of comparable properties. The absorption rate of similar sales provides important information to sellers and buyers alike.

The math is simple. First, identify similar properties that sold during the past year within similar neighborhoods or condominium projects and within a specific price range. Next, look back 12 months to find out how many similar properties sold. Now divide 365 days by the number of sales; this will give you the rate of sales for this sample group (for instance, one sale every 37 days on average). Finally, multiply the number of active comparable listings by the rate of sales to determine how long it should take for the current

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Today's buyer is challenged with trying to purchase a property in a limited inventory marketplace. You don't want to pay too much, but you also don't want to offer too little and miss out as another buyer pays a little more and walks away with the property you wanted. These five important steps will guide you through the process so you get the property you want.   
94% of all buyers begin their search for Park City properties on the Internet. You can get a lot of information online and more buyers than ever are comfortable purchasing a property without ever seeing it in person. Most however, do walk the property before writing an offer on it. The important thing is to not only look for the right property but pay…
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